Creative sessions

Kids is a project that introduces families and children to contemporary art with instruments and ideas that arouse curiosity and an understanding of the thoughts and techniques of today’s artists, through materials and experiences that are new and different every time.




Sunday 17 February 2019 — 4.00pm

FAMILY LAB: Mondi Portatili

Pirelli HangarBicocca, via Chiese 2, Milano

max. 24 (compresi gli adulti accompagnatori)

circa 2 ore

Mario Merz ha realizzato numerosi igloo, che, pur essendo tutti di forma semisferica, si possono distinguere facilmente tra loro perché unici nei materiali e nelle dimensioni. Scopriamo in quanti modi diversi l’artista ha costruito i suoi igloo e divertiamoci insieme a creare un “mondo portatile” adatto a tutta la famiglia.
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Saturday 23 February 2019 — 10.45am

Little worlds on the move

Pirelli HangarBicocca, via Chiese 2, Milano


about 90 minutes

Mario Merz created lots of Igloos, which are all the same hemispherical shape, but are easy to tell apart because each one is a different size and is made of different materials. Let’s take a look at the many approaches the artist took to building them, and try creating our own “little world on the move.”
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Saturday 23 February 2019 — 4.00pm

What about the other half?

Pirelli HangarBicocca, via Chiese 2, Milano

max. 15

about 90 minutes

Mario Merz’s igloos create a strange and stirring mood in the Navate and Cubo spaces at PirelliHangarBicocca, turning them into an extraordinary landscape of domes. After exploring the exhibition with the Arts Tutors, we’ll put our imaginations to work and try to picture what the other half of the igloos might look like.
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